Shiloh Meeting House”









Shiloh Meeting House


The N.C. Defenders were formed in Shiloh Township on May 25, 1861, shortly after North Carolina officially seceded from the Union. They enlisted on May 30, 1861, at Shiloh.


The 1st Union NC Co. D formed at Shiloh Baptist Church in 1863.


Col. Alonzo Draper’s column from Wild’s Expedition camped here on 17 December 1861. According to Gen. Wild’s report:


“He had had three encounters with guerrillas. At Shiloh they made a strong night attack, driving in his pickets and pouring in volley after volley upon his camp fires. But Colonel Draper had previously withdrawn all his men to sleep inside the church, leaving the fires burning. The picket reserve having been secretly posted, returned the fire and drove away the enemy before the colonel could form his men and reach them. He pursued them in vain.”