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“Dash at the enemy!”


With that command from Commander S. C. Rowan, the Union flotilla of fourteen vessels engaged the tiny six ship “mosquito fleet” of Flag Officer William F. Lynch. Fifteen minutes later, the battle of Elizabeth City was over. The CSS Seabird and CSS Fanny had sunk, the Black Warrior was abandoned and on fire, a boarding party had captured the CSS Ellis, and the CSS Beaufort and CSS Appomattox had escaped up the river towards the Dismal Swamp Canal. The four-gun battery at Cobb’s Point had been silenced. The back door to Norfolk was open.


Rowan pursued the Confederate flotilla to Elizabeth City, NC, following the fall of Roanoke Island to Union forces on 8 February 1862. In a naval battle fought on the Pasquotank River between Cobb Point and Hospital Point during the morning of 10 February 1862, the Union fleet crushed the North Carolina Squadron with overwhelming numbers and vastly superior firepower.



Looking SE down the Pasquotank River towards the battle site