Beecher GAR Post #22

New Bern, NC










Beecher GAR Post #22 was formed in Craven County in 1887. It was named for Brig. Gen. James C. Beecher. P.J. Lee served as the original Commander of the post, which met in New Bern, NC. In 1890, the post reported a membership of 33. The post continued to operate until 1914 or later.


Key leaders were Isaac Powell, Andrew Harris, and William Everett. Powell served as Commander of the Department of Virginia and North Carolina in 1906, the only African-American GAR department commander in the South. Everett became Senior Vice President for the Department in 1909. Harris did the same in 1912.


Beecher Post #22 hosted the 43rd Annual Encampment of the Department in New Bern on 22 April 1914.















The following men have been identified as members of Beecher GAR POST #22 thus far:


Sgt. James Dudley 14th USCHA, Co. D

John Everett 14th USCHA, Co. D

Seaman William Everett USN

Andrew Harris

William F. Harrison

Samuel Holloway 37th USCI, Co. K

James Lawrence

Philip J. Lee 35th USCI, Co. I

Sgt. Allen G. Oden 36th USCI, Co. H (DOD 9/28/1894)

Drummer Isaac Powell 37th USCI, Co. B

Sgt. Nathan Whitney 37th USCI, Co. B









The following men served as commanders of the post:


1886 Unknown

1887 P. J. Lee

1888 Allen Oden

1889 Allen Oden

1890 Allen Oden (33 members)

1891 Allen Oden

1892 Allen Oden (36 members)

1893 Isaac Powell

1894 Isaac Powell (47 members)

1895 Isaac Powell (68 members)

1896 Isaac Powell (56 members)

1897 Isaac Powell

1898 Isaac Powell (51 members)

1899 Samuel Holloway (37 members)

1900 Isaac Powell (39 members)

1901 Isaac Powell

1902 Isaac Powell

1903 Isaac Powell

1904 Isaac Powell

1905 Isaac Powell

1906 Isaac Powell

1907 Isaac Powell

1908 Isaac Powell

1909 Nathan Whitney

1910 - Unknown

1911 - Unknown

1912 - Unknown

1913 - Unknown

1914 John Everett