Baine GAR Post #59

Windsor, NC










Blaine GAR Post #59 was formed in Bertie County in 1896. It was named for Sen. James G. Blaine. Alfred Cheery served as the original Commander of the post, which met in Windsor, NC. In 1897, the post reported a membership of 20. The post continued to operate until 1904. Key leaders were Lewis Roulhac and Champ Pugh.














The following men have been identified as members of Blaine GAR POST #59 thus far:


Edward Carter 1st USCI, Co. A

Alfred J. Cherry 14th USCHA, Co. L

Samuel Drew 56th USCT, Co. F

Stephen B. Kenny F&S, 23rd Maine

Champ P. Pugh 35th USCI, Co. G

Augustus Robbins

Lewis Roulhac 37th USCI, Co. B










The following men served as commanders of the post:


1896 Alfred Cherry

1897 Alfred Cherry (20 members)

1898 Alfred Cherry (12 members)

1899 Alfred Cherry (13 members)

1900 Samuel Drew

1901 Edward Carter

1902 Champ Pugh

1903 Champ Pugh

1904 Champ Pugh