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Mariner’s Wharf





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Entrance to Mariner’s Wharf. The prisoners from the Battle of Roanoke Island were landed here on 22 February 1862 after being paroled at Roanoke Island. They arrived aboard the transport Cossack and other steamers chartered by the U.S. Army.


Entrance to Mariner’s Wharf parking lot






Memorial slab for Rev. Forbes, rector of Christ Episcopal Church during the Civil War. The church still stands one block west on Church Street.


Rev. Forbes Memorial slab






Rev. Forbes put on his priestly raiment and went down to the docks to surrender the city to Commander Rowan near this point on 10 February 1862.


Rev. Forbes Memorial slab closeup






Mariner’s Wharf offers free boat slips for 48 hours to visiting boaters. Numerous shops and restaurants are within walking distance.


Free boat slips at Mariner’s Wharf






The Battle of Elizabeth City was fought on 10 February 1862 about ½ mile from town between Hospital Point on the left and Cobb’s Point on the right. Five Confederate “mosquito fleet” ships lined up abreast about ¼ of a mile behind the fort at Cobb’s Point.


Looking down river at the battle site






Fort Cobb was built by Col. Lucian Starke of the Pasquotank militia at the direction of the court. Starke reported finishing the fort on 5 September 1861. The fort was poorly planned. There were no transverses to protect the gunners from enfilading fire if an enemy ship were to pass upriver of its location. The powder magazine’s door opened towards the incoming fire of the enemy, another major design flaw.


Fort Cobb location seen from downtown Elizabeth City






The wooden schooner CSS Black Warrior was pressed into duty following the battle of Roanoke Island. She was anchored parallel to the shoreline near Hospital Point on the Camden side of the river, across from Fort Cobb.


Hospital Point looking back towards the Museum of the Albemarle






The Cossack offloaded its cargo of paroled prisoners at the dock that stood between current Fearing and Water Streets, the current location of the public boat slips at Mariner’s Park.


Harper’s Weekly drawing of the Cossack landing prisoners at Elizabeth City