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Cobb’s Point





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Fort Cobb stood at Cobb’s Point. The large house at the point was built by Dr. Horsely in the early 1960s. When the house was being constructed, several 32-pounder cannonball were found. The fort itself stood about where the thick clump of trees stands between the house and the river. Forty-five feet was added to the point by bulk heading and back-filling, giving the point its current appearance.


Aerial view of Cobb’s Point, location of Fort Cobb









The Confederate “mosquito fleet” was lined up diagonally across the river about ¼ of a mile behind the fort. Union ships ran past the fort rather than trying to level it as they were expected to. A lack of transverse walls left the fort’s gunners exposed to the raking fire of the Union ships and the fort had to be abandoned.


Dr. Horsely extended the point about 45 feet to it’s current size