Camp Life Continued


A detail of Camp Raleigh previously shown on page 3. This camp would house some of the regiments of Burnside's Expedition until they left for Newbern. Renamed Camp Reno, it would then become home for the 9th New York Hawkins Zouaves for 5 months. Private Charles Johnson a member of the regiment describes:

"There are in the camp about fifteen houses, each accommodating two companies, with room to spare, and all arranged similarly to the tents in an encampment, the quarters being divided into compartments for mess of some twelve or thirteen. Each apartment is provided with a fireplace and chimney, a luxury that we have never had since entering the service of Uncle Sam."

Poker chips made from flattened musket balls and assorted carved bullets rest on a crudely made brick. The brick was found at one of the Civil War sites on Roanoke Island. The chips and bullets were found in Camp Reno.

Soldiers would pass the time away playing poker and carving whimsical objects out of bullets.

Pottery shards found in Camp Reno. They include Leeds Feather Blue Edge, Transfer Ware, Blue Willow, Chinese Export, Flow Blue and White Ironstone.

From the amount of ceramics found in the camp it is obvious that both Confederates and Yankees brought a wide assortment of tableware to the island. Life here must have been good.

Letter written by Robert M. Buckmaster 9th New York Hawkins Zouaves in Camp Reno April,1862. Shown along with the letter is an umbrella inkwell, silver mechanical pen parts, pencil leads, a pen nib and a pair of eye glasses. All found in Camp Reno.