The Chicamacomico Races


On October 1,1861, Captain Lynch and his squadron capture the Union tug Fanny just south of Roanoke Island. The boat is bringing supplies to the 20th Indiana regiment which has just recently encamped on the south side of Loggerhead Inlet. The 20th has been sent north from Hatteras as an advance guard and to calm the fears of pro Union residents living in the area.

The Union tug Fanny fires on Confederate boats in Pamlico Sound. Soldiers and sailors started throwing supplies and ammunition overboard when they realized the Fanny would be captured. All the winter overcoats destined for the 20th Indiana were taken by the Confederates.

Colonel Wright devises a plan to capture the entire 20th Indiana. Lynch's squadron of steamers tow shallow draft boats loaded with men from the 3rd Georgia to just north of the Indianan's camp while others carry the troops of the 8th North Carolina south in an attempt to cut off the retreat. The 3rd Georgia lands successfully and begins to move on the Indianans who have seen the invasion force and have already abandoned their camp. The 3rd Georgia pursue the Yankees south until dark. The vessels transporting the Carolinians run aground too far away from land and  are unable to entrap the retreating Federals. The next morning Hawkins Zouaves( stationed at Hatteras Inlet) march to the lighthouse and begin to chase the Georgians back north. The Federal Gunboat Monticello steams up the Atlantic shoreline from Hatteras and begins to shell the Georgians. As the 3rd Georgia retreats north, the gunboat follows along, periodically firing on them. The Georgians are picked up by Lynch's flotilla and  taken back to Roanoke Island. The whole affair is now referred to as "The Chicamacomico Races.


         The 20th Indiana are encamped on the north end of Hatteras Island (shown circled in white).



 Period newspaper print showing the 3rd Georgia being shelled by the Monticello as they retreat northward back up Hatteras Island.