Battle of South Mills



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Union Battle Reports


Maj. Gen. Ambrose Burnside, commanding Expedition forces  
Gen. Jesse L. Reno, commanding Union forces


Lt. Col. Thomas S. Bell, commanding 2nd Brigade


Col. Rush C. Hawkins, commanding 4th Brigade


Col. William A. Howard, commanding artillery units


Lt. Col. William S. Clark, 2nd Brigade, 21st Massachusetts


Major Edwin Schall, 2nd Brigade, 51st Pennsylvania


Lt. Col. S. G. Griffin, 4th Brigade, 6th New Hampshire


Lt. Col. E. A. Kimball, 4th Brigade, 9th New York


Col. H. S. Fairchild, 4th Brigade, 89th New York


Reverend T. W. Conway, 4th Brigade, 9th New York



Confederate Battle Reports


Major Gen. Benjamin Huger, commanding Department of Norfolk