William F. Martin UCV Camp #1590






Established 4 July 1905

in Elizabeth City, NC














































The William F. Martin UCV Camp #1590 was established in Elizabeth City, NC, on July 4th, 1905. Twenty-seven charter members signed the roll on that date. The Camp was chartered by the UCV on 16 August 1905.


A total of fifty-nine comrades joined during its two decades of existence. On 6 May 1922, the Camp asked the UDC to take over running the meetings. Mrs. M. Bell Blount became the secretary. The last member, Major Woodhouse of Currituck, joined the Camp on 2 May 1925.


The camp last paid dues to the UCV on 27 April 1925. They sent two delegates to the reunion that year.


E. R. Outlaw chaired the committee that drew up the campís Constitution and By-Laws. He was joined on the committee by D.B. Bradford and John H. Burgess. Bradford served as the first camp Commander; Burgess served as the first Adjutant.


The members of the camp were drawn from Camden, Pasquotank, and Perquimans Counties. Forty-nine served in the infantry, five served in artillery batteries, three served in the cavalry, and one served in the C.S. Navy.


Joseph Carmine served in the Bethel Regiment in 1861. In 1862, he and Alexander Armstrong served on the CSS Virginia during the battle of Hampton Roads. At least six comrades served with the 7th NC Volunteers at the battle of Hatteras Inlet.






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