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The quest continues for more information about the Civil War on Roanoke Island. I collect original soldier letters, documents and artifacts associated with Roanoke Island. I'm interested in purchasing any artifacts or ephemera. I live on Roanoke Island  several miles from Camp Reno. I pass by the battlefield every day.

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I highly recommend:

"A Succession of Honorable Victories "The Burnside Expedition In North Carolina by

Richard A. Sauers

Published by Morningside 1996

War Of The Rebellion Official Records Of The Union And Confederate Armies Series 1 Volume 9

(Easily found on line)

The Long Roll: Charles F. Johnson One Of The Hawkins Zouaves        Sorry, out of print


Hawkins Zouaves Memorial Association

A new web site on The Battle Of Elizabeth City


The leather item is a neck stock.

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