Camden County Troops

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On May 10, 1861, the county commissioners in Camden County authorized the formation of three companies, one in each township. These companies were formed to protect the State and support the Confederacy. $965.18 was appropriated to the captain of each company by the county, one-third of the $2895.55 draft the county made on a Virginia bank on that date. A second draft for $4827.33 was made on Joseph B. Ferebee of South Mills Township. Each company received $1000 in June. The three companies enlisted in May of 1861 in Camden County. Company A of the 56th NC formed in April-May 1862. Company B of the 68th NC formed in July 1863. Company C of that regiment formed in August of 1863.



The Camden Grays

Capt. Joseph G. Hughes


The Jonesboro Guard

Capt. William A. Duke


The North Carolina Defenders

Capt. G. Gratiott Luke


Company A 56th NC

Capt. G. Gratiott Luke


Company B 68th NC

Capt. Willis B. Sanderlin


Company C 68th NC

Capt. Caleb P. Walston


Other NC Regiments